Eva Johnson 5 min read



Are your health hitches planting spanners in your exercise and sport performance proficiency? Do you suffer with digestive discomfort whilst out for a run or cycle, do you have painful muscles or joints, do you feel fatigued, are your hormones playing up? Is your health affecting your ability to perform at your best?

My expertise lies exactly in this area – I help female sports enthusiasts to overcome their hormone issues whilst enhancing their performance to reach their personal best.

I completed a science degree in clinical nutritional therapy and a master’s degree in sports/performance nutrition. Up until completion of my degree in nutrition for health, I realised how much there was to learn, and that the nutritional aspect of sport wasn’t even covered beyond one lecture. As part of the clinical practice, I came across high achieving female athletes with recurring health issues. This is when my interest expanded beyond “healthy”, I wanted to investigate nutritional specifics for sports, and nutritional essentials for a higher level of performance. This experience and the fact that I am a recreational runner myself, prompted me to dig deeper and undertake a master’s degree in sports nutrition.

The combination of clinical health nutrition and sports/performance nutrition expertise is typically termed as Functional Sports Nutrition. The foundation in my practice is to support the needs of your sports discipline and apply those to you as an individual. My focus is on identifying and addressing the root cause of the health concern you might be experiencing whilst supporting your sports needs. This is where both of my academic journeys play an important role, where I recognise your nutritional needs based on your sport and training demands whilst supporting your body systems for optimal health.

I acknowledge added stress that is unique to each sports discipline, for example you might be training for an ultramarathon or cycling for 3+ hours a day, therefore added adrenal support might be what you need. I acknowledge your macronutrient (carbohydrate, protein and fat) ratio and micronutrient (vitamins and minerals) needs and ratios to support your personal requirements, whether it is for muscle or injury recovery, enhanced training and performance, to reduce fatigue, increase stamina and power, or to increase fat burning capacity. I also investigate the body systems from adrenals to thyroid, inflammation, hormones and immunity in order to make sure the body systems work in harmony to provide you with the best health package to enjoy your sport and improve your personal best.

I love sharing my expertise with clients and witnessing them achieve their dreams and go beyond what they thought possible.