“Nutrition is not a “yes or no” to a food or beverage. It’s a spectrum of possibilities based on personalization, quality, accessibility, and context.” Dr. Deanna Minich

"I have been suffering with IBS for many years and over these years been to many specialists who mainly concentrate on pain relief saying there isn’t anything else can be done. Eva suggested various functional tests which revealed various alarming abnormalities. I am now following a nutritional plan to correct these results and starting to feel like my symptoms are improving. Thank you so much Eva, I feel I am getting to bottom of my health puzzle."

T.K. – Kent

"I have suffered with Acid Reflux/ Heartburn for several years now and often took over the counter medication ( PPIs). As I have got older these symptoms have occurred more frequently. I was reluctant to see my GP as I felt he might well suggest that I take prescribed PPIs on a regular basis. I felt that I had become more intolerant to certain foods as I got older and decided to seek advice regarding my diet. I had a consultation with Eva who discussed my diet and lifestyle and advised several dietary changes for me to consider. Having followed Eva's advice, I have gradually made changes to my diet, particularly regarding dairy products and have not experienced any Reflux or Heartburn symptoms for months. I wish that I had sought her advice sooner and have every confidence in her."

D.J. – Stalybridge

"I approached Eva with my increasing fatigue, which started to interfere with my work and quality of life hugely. Eva explained possible contributing factors very well and made me understand how whole body is connected. Simple dietary changes and the discovery that I was deficient in vitamin D began making me better very quickly. After few weeks of my new food regime and supplement program I feel I am myself again. Highly recommend Eva."

C.J. – Whitstable