“Hormones can either make you feel like crap, or like a rock star, ready to take on your mission. The key is getting your hormones working for you not against you.” Dr. Sarah Gottfried

What makes your programmes unique?

The Hormone Reset Programme package is an individualized programme producing speedy outcomes that last. Functional testing that provides in depth information on what is going on in your body will give a definitive platform on which to construct a strategy plan without delay in order to tackle any imbalances that are identified. Communication on how elements of your diet and lifestyle may be contributing to your health concerns and enabling you to take control of your own health is implemented. By resolving the imbalances or deficiencies naturally with foods, high bioavailable supplements, as well as lifestyle and mindset work, hormonal imbalance symptoms typically diminish. This approach is unique because each of us is unique.

Why do I need functional testing?

Testing is included in my packages because this enhances the clinical picture, enabling advice to be personalised for you. The benefits of each test included in your package will be discussed during your discovery consultation.

How long will it take to reach my goals?

In order to uncover underlining issues and establish new habits step-by-step, more than a single consultation is required. The length of the programme varies from client to client, the individual commitment and level of compliance and accountability, as well as personal preference for how intensely you prefer to undertake the programme, can all impact on how much time it will take. A Hormone Reset Programme typically takes around 12 weeks. The time scale for Performance Programmes is very individual.

What if I have a diagnosed hormonal condition?

No problem! Each programme can be adapted to your existing test results, provided that they are recent. I work alongside your healthcare practitioner in order to comply with nutrient and/or drug and medication interactions, and most importantly to help you to achieve speedy and long-lasting outcomes.

Do you provide guaranteed health outcomes?

The law does not allow practitioners to offer guarantees in health outcomes. The programme outcomes are dependent upon your dedication and ability to implement the programme in detail.

What kind of support is included in my package?

The level of support will depend on the package you have purchased. Most programmes will typically have a scheduled weekly consultation with me and unlimited email support for the duration of the programme to support your progress and answer any questions.

What’s the investment?

I deliver a comprehensive and efficient approach alongside my expertise in hormone health and performance nutrition, with a view to saving you time and money. Starting price for a package including one test is around £500 depending on the test and the support required. I offer several different payment options, just ask.

How do I enrol in the programme?

The personal programme is a relationship that begins with a conversation to learn more about you in order to discover how and if I can help you. Simply click here to schedule a discovery session. I will advise the best programme for you once I get to know your issues and desired outcomes.