“Nutrition is not a “yes or no” to a food or beverage. It’s a spectrum of possibilities based on personalization, quality, accessibility, and context.” Dr. Deanna Minich

"I never thought I needed a nutritionist, as I have always been normal weight, nor I am a pro athlete. But since my hormones started playing up, I felt I was losing an ability to run, which made me feel depressed. Eva has thought me how powerful nutrition is for the hormones and exercise, you are athlete or not. Eating the right foods at the right times had made a massive difference in my energy levels and I soon was back into running, which I love so much. I can’t imagine anyone doing this programme and not benefiting from it. Thanks a lot Eva!"


"I am so pleased that I used Eva’s nutritional program to get back on track with my hormones. I found working with Eva to be flexible with my schedule. She listened to where I was currently, my frustrations and asked my goals. The delicious recipes were a great bonus! I now feel like I have an easy long-term plan to make good food choices to support my love for CrossFit."


"Eva has been absolutely wonderful with her guidance & knowledge over the past 12 weeks keeping a very close eye on my food choices and constantly educating me on improvements I could be making. I have really enjoyed this challenge and I feel the changes I have made will stay with me for good."


"I’ve not only lost weight, I’ve learnt about what my body actually needs rather than what I think it does! Thank you, I feel so much healthier and I have more energy again."