A highly personalised service is delivered as part of a package that will typically include:

  • diet and lifestyle assessment
  • functional tests
  • clinic contact time
  • behind the scenes scientific research
  • test results analysis
  • nutrition and lifestyle plan to achieve your goals
  • unlimited email support
  • menu planning and recipe inspiration
  • bespoke supplement recommendation
  • other resources based on your programme

Step 1: Take a thorough case history

The first step is to identify your individual circumstances to help you whatever your condition or concern. I offer a free 30 minute discovery consultation to every one of you to discuss your current concerns and desires. We will discuss what has been going on so I can get a picture of all the symptoms you are experiencing. The most appropriate tests are then recommended and included in the best package for you in order to get to the root cause of your concerns or symptoms.

(In cases of an imperfect fit, alternative resources are offered or referral to another practitioner is considered.)

Step 2: Perform functional tests

Usually, female hormone testing and bloods panel is necessary to get an accurate view of your hormone and health status. Depending on your symptoms, gut health analysis might also be necessary. We do not look at symptoms in isolation – it’s important that we work to heal your body as a whole, not just the symptoms you are presenting with.

Step 3: Create a personalised programme

Finally, I will create a tailor-made plan to help you learn which foods and nutrients are beneficial for you, and which you should be reducing or avoiding. We will work together in order to draw up the best plan for your needs and preferences.

In most cases I will draw up a personalised supplement plan to support your body systems in order to reduce your symptoms effectively.

Regular check ins on your progress are part of the programme and are designed as per your individual needs.

Hormone Reset Package

My scientific approach is to use a functional medicine module to see each of you as an individual. Every one of us is unique, therefore “one size fits all” approach is rarely effective.

The personalised programme’s goal is to find the root causes of your problems, using carefully selected medical, nutritional and functional testing to connect the dots of your health puzzle. Each programme, therefore, is tailored for your own unique imbalances to assure speedy and effective results. The length of your programme will depend on your current status and desired outcome. Hormone reset programme typically takes around 12 weeks.

The programmes are focused on supporting you as an individual 100%.

Why test?

Although in some cases we can speculate what could be the driver of your symptoms, it is a guesswork and it can take time to ascertain the real driver. The functional laboratory testing is much more efficient scientific tool to establish your present nutritional status and/or any imbalances that may be contributing to your health concerns. Testing also provides a measurable starting reference from beginning of the program allowing to trace the progress more efficiently.

I work with the reputable private medical and functional testing laboratories to provide you with reliable and scientifically supported testing. The results are used in conjunction with the information collected at the consultation to fine-tune your nutritional programme, allowing speedier efficient results. In addition, the test results have proven to motivate the clients, seeing the imbalances on the test reports prompts the clients to implement recommendations.

Typically used tests are nutrient/hormone/stool analysis tests (depending on programme) – for more information on functional tests – click here. A tailor-made diet plan to include the foods and nutrients you should be eating more of in order to correct the imbalances identified from the test results then will be provided. Foods and nutrients that should be reduced or avoided will also be discussed. Recipes and meal plans will be created to your needs and LIKES. Yes, you will not be expected to eat the foods you don’t like. The aim is to work together in order to draw up the best plan for your needs and likes, as well as to fit around your everyday life.

I will also draw up personalised supplement plan to support your body systems in order to reduce your symptoms effectively. Short term intense supplementation is on occasions necessary to address nutrient deficiencies, following by long term maintenance supplement plan to enhance your well-being.

Regular check ins on your progress are part of the program and are designed as per your individual needs.

My mission is to help you understand what is going on in your body and educate you on how to correct your bodily systems naturally to beat your hormonal issues so can enjoy your sport and exercise again.

Performance Package

Sports nutrition is often assumed to be required for only elite athletes. Yet, whether you are a member of a local sports team, recreational runner or take part in keep fit classes, the importance of adjusted nutritional needs to support your activity level cannot be overlooked.

I am a keen recreational runner myself, and therefore highly value the magnitude of the nutritional role in energy, recovery and endurance.

Assurance that your body is being supplied with the right levels of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates in order to function optimally so that the cells, tissues and organs can function at their peak is a key consideration in the performance packages, therefore some functional tests, such as nutrient and blood panels are typically included.

If you are an athlete, your levels of training, environment requirements and genetic predispostion will mean that your nutrition demands will be greater than most. Supporting your body at the cellular level is vital for hitting your energy metabolism.

Please contact me to discuss your individual requirements.

Diagnostic Testing

Typically used tests

Effective operation of combined hormone orchestrate is essential to virtually every bodily system, when/if one of the elements of this orchestrate is out of balance, the other elements are affected triggering the various unpleasant symptoms.

Comprehensive Blood Screening Test

Anyone can benefit from this. Dysfunction of any of bodily systems tested and/or even the slightest nutrient deficiency can throw your hormones out of balance affecting your health and performance.

  • Full Blood Count
  • Cholesterol Status
  • Liver and Kidney health
  • Inflammatory Markers (CRP HS)
  • Blood Sugar and fasting insulin
  • Full thyroid panel (TSH, T4, T4, antibodies)
  • Key nutrients (Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Iron, Magnesium, Folate)
Bloods panel sample snapshot Bloods panel sample snapshot

Hormone panel

Anyone with hormonal conditions such as PMS, PCOS, endometriosis. If you have any kind of trouble with your periods, often experience fatigue, poor sleep and/or irritability. Other symptoms such as brain fog, digestive issues, high blood pressure, unexplained weight gain may also be directly linked with hormonal imbalances.

  • 3 x types of Oestrogen (Oestrogen, Oestrone and Oestriol) + their metabolites
  • Progesterone + metabolites
  • DHEA + Testosterone – your androgen hormones
  • Cortisol and Cortisone – your STRESS hormones
  • Key Nutrients including B12, B6 and Glutathione
  • Neurotransmitters: Dopamine, Noradrenaline & Melatonin
Hormone Panel sample snapshot Hormone Panel sample snapshot

Comprehensive Gut Health Stool Analysis

Anyone with digestive issues such as IBS, indigestion, abdominal pain and cramps, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, food sensitivities as well as for symptoms such as migraines, fatigue, joint pain, depression and anxiety.

  • Digestion and absorption markers
  • Gut metabolic markers
  • Gut microbiology markers
  • Yeasts and fungal
  • Leaky gut markers (Zonulin)
  • Gut immunity markers
Sample Stool Analysis snapshot Sample Stool Analysis snapshot